Masonry & Grading



Grading/Excavation Services

Penick Construction, Inc. offers a broad range of services including grading, septic system installation, road building, foundations, drainage systems, complete homes and brick, block and stone work.







Masonry Services

The company is an Insulated Concrete Forms dealer and installer as well as a StoneMaker carved concrete dealer and installer. With exclusive area rights to this unique system, we can transform the homeowner’s backyard to an elegant outdoor living area complete with patios, fire pits, sitting walls and water features for less cost than you would expect.




Concrete Forms

The heart of the Owens Corning Pinkform Xtra Insulated Concrete forming System is an array of basic elements which have been field tested for over 10 years. It combines these elements to dramatically reduce shipping/handling costs, assembly time, and general construction overhead. The result is a cost-effective, lightweight, concrete forming systems with a host of “next generation” benefits that are unique within the industry.



Stone Makers

Through the years, we’ve seen a lot of different systems come and go in the building industry. After researching the “Stone Makers” system, we’ve found that it would be a quality system to add to the bundle of services offered by our company. This system was designed in NH and through the years it has developed into a system that is adaptable to many aspects of our work and gives our clients another high quality, low cost option for their home projects.

Picture Caption – This is a picture of a poured concrete then carved into stonework. We always try to mimic the real stone look that you, the client, is looking for.



General Contracting

In 2004, we decided that, in addition to our grading and foundation services, we had more and more clients wanting to have a turn key, whole house solution.

This approach allows us to complete more of the home projects in house by our own company which, in turn, gives us a major advantage in delivering less stress and lower final cost to you, the home owner.



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