“We are extremely pleased with the work that was performed by Penick Construction. From the start Maurice was able to accurately assess our problems and show them to us in terms we could see and understand. We were given several options along with the pros and cons and various effects on our budget. We felt we were well communicated with and Maurice made us feel part of the project. Penick Construction was the fourth excavator who performed work on our site, but the first to do it correctly, in the allotted time, and below the estimate. The project was managed extremely well and every day we came home from work and saw significant progress. Not once did we notice where work was performed out of sequence and would have to be done over. With the other contractors we had used they seemed to try this and if that didn’t work they would try something else. This makes for an arduous and expensive project. Thankfully, with Penick Construction they did it right the first time.

We highly recommend Penick Construction. Our only regret is Penick Construction was not our first contractor.”


-Mitchell Cline
Boone, NC
Sept. 13, 2011


“For 20 years, we attempted to keep water out of our basement. We tried many ideas, including a limited excavation near our garages. Nothing worked for very long. Finally, we called Maurice Penick. He came, he saw, he gave us the bad news. Only a complete excavation to expose the foundation down to the footings, followed by proper waterproofing and drainage would fix our water problem permanently.

Three weeks, five men and a big backhoe later, the job was finished. The workers were very careful – nothing was damaged, the work was first class, an Maurice was on the job most of the time. Things always go better when the boss is around, don’t they? We’re happy with the results and we’ve had no water in the basement.


We readily recommend Penick Construction if you need this sort of work done on your house.”


-RC and Lori Nicklin


I would be remiss not writing to thank you and your men for the super job done at the cabin as well as the remainder of the neighborhood. Not being there the majority of the time placed much responsibility on you and others to make decisions you thought were in our best interests and best interests of the task at hand. The Results speak for themselves.


Please thank all the others and do not hesitate when needed to use us as a reference – we would be more than happy to confirm another Penick task well done.

-W.F. Jones
Tryon, NC


I am writings to thank you for the excellent job performed by Penick construction. Throughout the duration of the project each work crew was reliable, diligent, courteous, and helpful. The overall quality of the work done, and in particular, the attention to detail exceeded my expections. The time and materials billing was very fair.

-Jeff Walker
Banner Elk, NC


Thank you for working with me and accommodating my schedule for this repair. It is difficult to coordinate actions from Florida. I hope I can contact you for future work that needs to be done on the house. I am impressed with the quality of your work and the professionalism of your crew.

-Barry J. Appleby
DeLand, FL



Client Feedback:

Penick Construction, Inc. prides itself on consistent hard work and the excellent character of the men employed within the company. We are true to our word and strive to provide high-quality services to our clients at all times, unwavering as we stand behind our work.





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