Concrete Forms

The heart of the Owens Corning Pinkform Xtra Insulated Concrete forming System is an array of basic elements which have been field tested for over 10 years. It combines these elements to dramatically reduce shipping/handling costs, assembly time, and general construction overhead. The result is a cost-effective, lightweight, concrete forming systems with a host of “next generation” benefits that are unique within the industry.

Benefits of Polystyrene Insulation

  • Virtually waterproof for below grade applications.
  • Superior insulating value. Provides an R-20+ when left in place.
  • No environmental contamination or toxic materials.
  • Extensively tested and documented to meet all code requirements.

For the complete system, 2″ thick sheets of insulation are precisely cut and sized to create the form walls. As a result, every project benefits from the stable, high-efficiency properties of this proven material.




Site Preparation

Forms are placed on a standard footing or concrete pad. Temporary cleats keep forms aligned during final assembly and insertion of concrete. Any building code required rebar schedule can be accommodated.





Pre-Assembled Wall Sections are easily trimmed to fit any project dimension. the common vertical seams between the 2-foot by 8-foot sections are quickly clamped together without special tools.




Special Shapes

The builder can incorporate a wide variety of accessories to assemble special shapes such as 45-degree angles and curved walls. They integrate into the Pinkform Xtra elements and are quickly assembled at the jobsite.





A variety of finishes may be applied over the system. Below-grade, common brands of latex based dampproofing or waterproofing are used. Above-grade, masonry finished, siding or brick fascie are applied directly over the insulation and exposed connector tie pads.

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